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Moto Goat Romania

From the roads of Romania to the stress free holiday, there is nothing better than the freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle.

MotoGoat – Romania is a Brasov based company that delivers exceptional guided and unguided motorcycle tours in Romania. Behind our tours is the passion for quality adventure and the free spirit that involves riding on different terrains.

Travelling as much as we did just made us realize that Romania is the country that can satisfy the dreams of any adventurer on two wheels. From the twisted roads to the dirt tracks, through mountains and valleys full of wilderness, there is no grater feeling than riding with friends in this beloved country.

Our passionate team and our highly trained goats will skillfully guide you in your pursuit for a memorable ADVENTURE.

Meet the Goats

Honda Transalp 600

Big, but friendly and comfortable. Roads are a breeze with it

BMW F650 Dakar

Don’t be fooled by the beauty, this one is a free goat, ready to show you the world

Yamaha XT

Those ones know what`s up, they introduce the fun element in absolutely everything.

Honda Africa Twin

This is the Legend! Comfortable, reliable, good for all types of road



Gabriel Clinciu
Gabriel ClinciuGoat Trainer and Guide
Mountain guide, ski instructor, guest, friend, traveler, husband
Sebastian Clinciu
Sebastian ClinciuGoat Trainer
IT self enploee, mountain guide,schi instructor, Gabriel’s brother

the fun begins where the pavement ends

The best guides you can find around and good bikes for rent.

Bogdan Marin

Riding a motorcycle is the closest you can come to flying without leaving the ground.

Awesome people!

Vali Popa

It`s like a first date without the awkward silence.

Nice motor bike adventures with nice guys. Mud is on the house 🙂)

Tiberiu Moise

Let`s take the goats for a ride

Write to us, let`s ride together!